Outback Adventures Trips & Classes - Anchoring Clinic http://www.outbackadventures.com/trips_classes/ Copyright 2016 Outback Adventures http://www.outbackadventures.com http://www.outbackadventures.com/ Upcoming Event Information From Outback Adventures Trip and Classes Calendar Sunday, Jun 12, 2016 - Anchoring Clinichttp://www.outbackadventures.com/trips_classes/rock_climbing/anchor_clinic/index.htm?tab=4&event_id=1885Learn the art of both constructing and analyzing top-rope and belay anchors. Techniques for anchoring off of bolts, trees, and boulders are covered, as well as using cams, nuts and other removable hardware. This course is essential for people who have experience at indoor rock gyms, and are thinking about climbing outdoors.http://www.outbackadventures.com/trips_classes/rock_climbing/anchor_clinic/index.htmhttp://www.outbackadventures.com/trips_classes/rock_climbing/anchor_clinic/index.htm?tab=4&event_id=1885Tue, 03 May 2016 17:49:00 PDT