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San Francisco Bay Area Kayaking

Bay Area Kayak Trips and Tours

Appropriate for beginners and seasoned kayakers, these bay area kayak trips and adventures will take you to the most interesting paddling areas throughout the Bay Area and the Northern California coast.



Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

(Tomales Bay)

Have you ever dreamed of paddling through glowing waters under a moonless, star-lit sky? Imagine every dip of your paddle creating a brilliant light show put on by living organisms beneath the water’s surface. Let us make these dreams a reality by joining us for a Bioluminescence Kayak Tour in Tomales Bay! This is something that most people only see in movies and never have the opportunity to observe in real life. On this tour you may see fish or seals leaving a trail of light everywhere they swim, or create one of your own in our stable double sea kayaks. The best times to observe the bioluminescence are certain moonless nights during the spring, summer, and fall. Since this phenomenon only occurs a few special times a year and these trips fill up, you will want to register as soon as you can.


Full Moon Kayak Tour

(San Rafael)

Navigatating your kayak by moonlight is mystical experienceyou won't soon forget. This unique kayak tour allows for a grand view of the moon rising into the night's sky. The atmosphere is peaceful and calming, yet spectacular. We will paddle leasurly while admiring the moon's silvery light reflecting off the water's surface. Bring your friends and family to this warm welcoming event.

Sunset Kayaking Tour

(San Rafael)

What a great way to end your day or ignite your evening! We'll paddle out from our home base on the Gallinas Creek and towards the shoreline of the Gallinas Marsh. During sunset hours, the water and wind are typically calmest and create optimal conditions for a relaxing paddle. The Sun's warm colors reflect off the marsh grasses and the water's surface creating a tranquil environment with a unique perspective. Along the way we'll observe shorebirds coming in to roost and hopefully a few Harbor Seals swimming about and feeding. We will head back just before the last vibrant beams of light hide behind Mount Tamalpais.

Kayak Tomales Bay

(Point Reyes)

Experience one the premier paddling destinations in California on this guided kayak tour. Wildlife abounds in this spectacular setting. Colorful sea stars slide beneath your kayak as majestic Thule Elk roam the hillsides. One of the largest protected bay and coastal areas in California, this kayaker's paradise is a short distance from San Francisco and the Bay Area. Launching from Nick's Cove, we will paddle in stable double sea kayaks, past Hog Island, to the White Cliffs of Tomales Bay, a unique geological formation similar to the White Cliffs of Dover. We will then stop for lunch on a pristine beach, accessible only by small watercraft.


Red Rock Island

(Point Richmond)

Join Outback Adventures for a bay paddleto historic Red Rock Island. Surrounded by some of the deepestwater in the North Bay, 60 feet, this Island has the distinction of being the only privately owned island in the San Francisco Bay. Acutally located in three different counties, this 5 ½ acre landmark of the San Francisco Bay has quite a history. Did pirates bury treasure here? How are three different U.S presidents connected to its history? Find out as we paddle out and around the island from Point Richmond.

Kayaking Bair Island and Corkscrew Slough

(Redwood City)

Take an exciting tour of Bair Island Ecological Reserve and Corkscrew Slough and experience the serenity of being surrounded by a maze of waterways. On this kayaking tour, you will spend time exploring the many winding channels of the slough while observing many wetland bird species. This adventure is for those looking for a longer exploratory tour in a true slough environment.


Upcoming Kayak Trips and Tours

Saturday 12/3
Tomales Bay Kayak Tour

Saturday 12/17
Corte Madera Marsh Tour

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