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The nature of backcountry climbing skins make it a challenge for ski shops to offer them for rental. Due to this, some shops do not rent skins, requiring the customer to purchase their own. Outback Adventures has decided that the best approach is a well informed customer regarding the challenges and limitations of skins and how to properly use and care for them.

For all climbing skin rentals, Outback Adventures will require the below liability waiver and acknowledgement of risks form in addition to our standard liability waiver. We also encourage those renting skins to read our article on how to properly use and care for your skins.

Download PDF Download a PDF of the skin waiver and care instructions.

Climbing Skins Waiver and Acknowledgement of Risks

Climbing skins are available to rent from Outback Adventures if you agree to the following terms and conditions and acknowledge the risks and waive any and all liability and claims associated with the use of climbing skins.

Skins have limitations on their ability to perform in all conditions and their performance can be unpredictable. Skin performance is affected by temperature, moisture, adhesive, snow structure, length, width, plush type, user knowledge and care, skier weight, ski technique, and other factors. Some skins may stick, grip, and glide better or worse than others. Comparing your skins’ performance to that of another person’s is likely not an equal comparison due to the differences in the factors listed above.

Outback Adventures mostly rents skins that are straight, full-length, and not custom cut to a particular ski. Outback Adventures will select the widest skin available to fit the narrowest portion of your ski. Since most gripping occurs under the mid-section of the ski, most people have plenty of grip for their pursuits. This method provides good grip while optimizing glide since the entire width of the ski is not covered with a skin. It also makes for a lighter and more packable skin which can be perfectly folded onto itself, glue to glue, preventing glue exposure and contamination. If you desire more grip or a fully covered ski, you will need to purchase your own skins.

For pack-ability, weight savings, and to help keep skins clean, Outback Adventures does not provide skin release sheets.

Most of our rental skins are adjustable at the tip by means of overlapping the skin around the tip loop. Depending on the ski length and the availability of skins, some skis may have more or less overlap at the tip. Where overlapping occurs there will not be glue touching the ski. This rarely creates a problem, but as with all skins it is possible to have “snow creep” slowing moving under the skin. If this is a concern, simply apply duct tape around the skin and ski.

Outback Adventures rents their skins with a tail strap system, but the components can fail due to overtightening, wear, damage, or when any part of the strap system becomes hung up on something while skiing. Failures can include torn straps, lost clips, broken rivets, or a detached anchor piece. Another common cause of skin failure which also damages ski tails is plunging ski tails vertically into the snow.

Skins may not stick as well if the glue and skins get too wet. Conversely, skins may not stick well if the glue or ski base has snow and ice on it. Snow conditions and repeated on/off applications contribute to these issues. The lack of glue adhesion can be addressed by wrapping duct tape strips or ski straps around your skins and skis.

During rare snow conditions and particularly in warmer conditions, skins may experience snow clumping where snow sticks and builds up on the skins. This effect can be lessened by purchasing skin wax and applying it preemptively or when needed.

As a precaution and as a standard backcountry safety practice, all skiers are advised to bring duct tape and/or ski straps in order to address skin related issues as well as other equipment and first aid problems.

Due to the variety of factors that influence skin performance, Outback Adventures does not warranty or guarantee the performance of the skins we rent. To ensure the best possible performance, we encourage all customers to purchase a new set of skins for their backcountry endeavors rather than rent. We also encourage all customers to seek out additional information regarding skin use and care including information available from Outback Adventures.

By signing this agreement, I understand and acknowledge all of the above risks and waive any right or claim I may have now or into the future for issues related to the use the of climbing skins. I further understand that I am expressly waiving my right to any claim resulting from climbing skin use including me experiencing difficulty, dissatisfaction, inconvenience, loss of property, loss of opportunity, or injury. I further understand that if I experience unsatisfactory performance related to climbing skins, that I will not receive a refund or credit.

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