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Discount Kayaks on sale in California

Used Kayaks for Sale

Most of the used kayaks for sale are in very good condition and have been in our kayak demo program for only one season. Please call to confirm availability on the used kayaks because these great discount deals do go fast! Used kayaks are sold as-is, but will be sold to you in complete working order.

We sell off a majority of our used kayaks in the Fall. To get notified when we sell our fleet of used kayaks, please sign up to receive our Newsletter.

Used Kayaks

Perception - Point 65n - RTM - Malibu Kayaks - Eddyline
Wilderness Systems - Impex - Ocean Kayak

Used Kayaks on Sale


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Tribe 13.5

Tribe 13.5

Our favorite tandem sit-on-top kayak. Great for the family, built well, and paddles great. Has plenty of room even for larger paddlers. We love the skid plate and the molded in side carry handles. SOLD  

Tribe 11.5

Great all around single person sit on top kayak. We love the skid plate and the molded in side carry handles. $379 $549
Pescador 12 This boat has the same hull as the popular Tarpon 120 of 6 years ago, but at a much lower cost. Get a great performing boat for less. Great seat. All around kayak. Can be outfitted for fishing. $399 $549
Acadia II 14 Calm water recreational double sit inside kayak. Comes with child jump seat allowing for 3 people. Super stable and comfortable. Has hatch and bulkhead for dry storage and floatation. Can be configured easily for solo paddling. $525 $829
Carolina II 17.5 Double cockpit 2 person touring kayak. Great boat at a great price. $950 $1699


These kayaks are very popular among Outback Adventures' guides and staff. Feel free to call us about the many advantages and design features of Eddyline kayaks.    
  No used Eddyline kayaks on sale at this time.    

Wilderness Systems

Tempest 170 Highly maneuverable sea kayak. Excels in rough water. Day hatch. Skeg. British style. Performance driven. $945 $1599
Zephyr 155 From Wilderness Systems' premium line of sea kayaks. Great all around performance sea kayak. Day hatch. Skeg. $975 $1499
Tsunami 125 Hybrid touring/recreational kayak. Packed with touring/sea kayak features, but in a smaller kayak. An efficient all around shorter kayak.    
Tsunami 145 Great day touring kayak for those that want stability and comfort without compromising efficiency. Has three hatches. We use this model for our classes since it is a great all around touring kayak.    

Point 65 n

Really cool modular kayaks. Turn a single kayak into a double, triple, or quad. Come by and check them out. Easier loading and carrying.    
  No used Point 65 kayak on sale at this time.    

RTM Kayaks

Some of the best kayak fishing kayaks on the market. Quality hardware and built to last, these feature rich kayaks are hard to beat.    
Abaco Fantastic all around fishing kayak. Quality kayak made in France. $799 $1239

K Largo

Great fishing kayak for the larger paddler. Stable, but still efficient. Quality kayak made in France. $799 $1279

Malibu Kayaks

  No used Malibu Kayaks on sale at this time.    

Ocean Kayak

  No used Ocean Kayak on sale at this time.    

Impex Kayaks

  no used Impex kayaks for sale at this time    

We used kayaks from Ocean Kayak, Perception, Impex, Eddyline,
Wilderness Systems, Point 65n, RTM Kayaks

Call us with any questions regarding the discount kayaks for sale.

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