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Backpacking Northern California the Bay Area & Yosemite
We're Celebrating our 25th year!

Backpacking Northern California

All of Outback Adventures backpacking programs are designed to teach you the fundamentals of backpacking while giving you the opportunity to visit some amazing places. These courses are packed full of information and will cover topics such as gear selection and use, food selection, leave no trace ethics, map and compass, water treatment, and so many other nuances of backpacking.

Skyline to the Sea Trail

A quick half-hour drive from San Jose will take you to the Santa Cruz Mountains- home of beautiful redwood forests, waterfalls, miles of forested trails, and amazing views you never thought possible this close to home. This two-day overnight trip is a perfect introduction to backpacking, right in your backyard!

Yosemite's Ten Lakes

This backcountry experience will turn you into a backpacker for sure. On this adventure you will pass through diverse habitats and visit many lakes surrounded by granite and wildflowers. Resembling beads strung on a necklace, these glacial lakes surround us for miles and are backdropped by dramatic peaks and impressive views. Bring your swimsuit because swimming is in the plans.

Volcanoes and Lava Beds

Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to a very unique landscape that will have you in awe. On this adventure we will explore lava beds, cinder cones, large lakes, painted dunes, natural springs, volcanoes, and thick forests. With rewarding vistas, easy hiking grades, and an abundance of geological features, this trip is sure to please.

Chilnualna Falls in Yosemite

Chilnualna Falls is a breathtaking waterfall in Southern Yosemite. This is an ideal place for backpacking because it is equally as beautiful, but much less traveled than Yosemite Valley. So come join us and sit in the mists of this amazing waterfall while learning about backcountry travel.

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