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Backpacking Gear Checklist

*Starred items are available for rent from Outback Adventures- please contact us for reservations and pricing. We also sell many of the smaller items.


Backpack*- Should be designed for overnight backpacking, i.e. 4,500 cubic inches or larger, and have either an internal or external frame.

Pack Cover*- Either a store bought one to protect your pack from rain or just a sturdy garbage bag large enough to cover your fully loaded pack.

Sleeping Bag*- Should be a mummy bag style sleeping bag, with a hood, made of down or a synthetic material. No cotton or rectangular bags.

Sleeping Pad*- Must be a closed-cell insulating pad or a self-inflating style pad (Therm-a-rest). No open celled pads.

Lash Straps- Especially important for external frame packs that will be lashing things to the outside like their sleeping bag, pad, and possibly tent.

Water Bottles- 2-3 sturdy 1 quart water bottles.

Headlamp or Flashlight*- Light and small, headlamps are highly recommended.

Extra Batteries and Bulb-

Extra Plastic Bags- For keeping gear dry and carrying garbage.

Sunglasses- 100% UV protected are recommended.


Lip Balm-

Insect Repellent-

Sun Hat- Baseball caps and wide brimmed hats are ideal.

Cup, Bowl, and Spoon- Tupperware works well, and be sure to bring an insulated mug. Also, avoid metal silverware to save weight.


Note: All warm clothing must be made of wool or synthetic fabrics such as polypropylene or fleece. No cotton clothing will be allowed for warm layers. When cotton is wet it can quickly make you colder.

Sturdy Boots- Hiking boots that have good soles and solid ankle support and are well broken in. Being well broken in requires them to have been worn quite a bit prior to the trip so that they are formed to your feet and don’t cause you any pain.

Warm Hat- Either wool or synthetic.

Warm Gloves-

Liner Gloves-

Long Underwear- Lightweight or mid-weight top and bottom made of synthetic materials such as Capilene or polypropylene.

1 Warm Insulating Upper Body Layers- Wool sweaters or fleece work well for this.

1 warm Insulating Lower Body Layer- Wool or fleece pants work well. Stretch pants are more like long underwear than a warm lower layer, so if they are used it needs to be in conjunction with a second warm layer. Two long underwear bottoms may be substituted for one fleece or wool bottom.

Shorts- 1 pair to wear while hiking. Quick drying nylon shorts work best because they can double as your swimsuit. You won’t be needing more than one pair.

T-shirt- Synthetic materials recommended

Rain Gear*- Top and bottoms that are waterproof and as breathable as possible. Gore-Tex is great, but standard plastic rain gear works just fine as well.

Underwear- 2 pair of underwear is all you will need. Synthetic materials recommended.

Socks- 3 pair of wool or synthetic socks. 1 pair to hike in, 1 pair to change into for camp, and 1 pair in reserve.

Polypropylene Liner Socks- Thin synthetic socks that wick moisture away from the feet and can help reduce the possibility of blisters.


Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste-

Contact Supplies- If you are using contacts bring a back up pair of glasses just in case.

Personal Hygiene Items-

Any Personal Medications You Need- If you need to bring medications, please inform your guides and include them on your Medical History Form.

Note: These are all the toiletries you should need, deodorant is optional, but it can melt. If you choose to bring soaps, make sure it is 100% biodegradable.


Lunch Food and Snacks- Outback Adventures provides breakfasts and dinners, but you need to provide your own lunch and snack food. Peanut butter and jelly on bagels, cheese and crackers, apples, and pita bread are just a few ideas. Energy bars, granola bars, fruit, chocolate bars, and trail mix make good snacks.

Optional Items


Soap- 100% biodegradable only


Journal and Pen- .



Pocket Knife-

Gaiters*- Great to keep your socks clean and dry.

Personal Tarp- Small multi-use tarp to use as a ground cloth, organize gear on, make shelters with, etc. 5ft x 7 ft or smaller. We suggest the tarp/emergency blanket combo.


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