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San Francisco Bay Area Kayaking
We're Celebrating our 25th year!

Bay Area Kayak Classes and Lessons

We offer a comprehensive top-quality kayak instructional program. Our kayak classes are taught by highly experienced kayak instructors who will help you develop your kayaking skills and knowledge through a progression of lessons taught throughout the Bay Area.

Introduction to Paddling

Discover Kayaking! Are you curious about kayaking and want to learn more? We'll show you that kayaking is an activity that everyone can enjoy. Whether it is recreational, day touring, or open coast paddling, this class will help you discover what's right for you. In calm protected waters you will learn about kayak features and selection, paddling strokes, safety, and equipment. This class is great for beginners and those interested in paddling a full range of kayaks while learning the differences between the many choices. Come prepared for a fun and educational experience! This class qualifies you for a $50 credit on a new regular priced kayak purchase. Must be used within 2 weeks of the class and may not be combined with other offers.

Kayaking Skills and Safety

Start your kayaking adventures off right by learning essential paddling and safety skills on calm water. This comprehensive course will cover equipment, strokes, paddling technique, capsizing, dealing with a flooded kayak, and re-entries. Come ready to get wet and have a good time on this skill and confidence building class. This class is offered in two different types of kayaks. No experience necessary.

Sea Kayaking Development

Take the next step in developing your kayaking skills. This intensive intermediate level course is designed to enhance your boat maneuvering skills and get you prepared for open water paddling. We build upon the skills taught in the Skills and Safety course, refine them, and introduce many new ones. You will be taught advanced paddling strokes and maneuvers such as the stern rudder, low brace turn, side slip, and sculling draw just to name a few. We will practice how to properly edge your kayak and how to combine this skill with the use of your paddle. We will also work on bracing techniques, a crucial skill needed for safe coastal paddling, kayak surfing, and for performing advanced maneuvers. At the end of the day we will paddle into the San Francisco Bay to practice capsize recoveries and learn a few new recovery methods.

Introduction to the Surf Zone

A must for coastal touring, kayak surfing, and open water paddling. Gain confidence and the skills necessary for entering and exiting the surf zone. Learn launch and landing skills and how to handle breaking waves. Topics covered include side surfing, bracing, wave dynamics, and surf zone safety and etiquette. This class is so much fun, many choose to take it more than once. If time and conditions allow, we will review open water reentries.

Coastal Kayaking Skills

Start training for open water paddling along California's coastline. This class covers navigation, tides and currents, trip planning, open water re-entries, and other skills essential for safe paddling in the San Francisco Bay Area. You will also gain more experience paddling in the coastal environment, as well as refining more advanced strokes and boat handling skills. If conditions permit, a surf landing will also be in the plans.

Kayak Roll Clinic

Learn this essential sea kayaking and whitewater skill in a beautiful outdoor environment. With a low student to instructor ratio you can be assured personal one on one attention. Once you master this ultimate self rescue, your confidence level will soar. All essential equipment is provided.

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