Kayaking Skills and Safety

Sea Kayaking Development

Gain open water kayaking experience and hone your skills - Level 2

Take the next step in developing your kayaking skills. This intensive intermediate level course is designed to enhance your boat maneuvering skills and get you prepared for open water paddling. We build upon the skills taught in the Skills and Safety course, refine them, and introduce many new ones. You will be taught advanced paddling strokes and maneuvers such as the stern rudder, low brace turn, side slip, and sculling draw just to name a few. We will practice how to properly edge your kayak and how to combine this skill with the use of your paddle. We will also work on bracing techniques, a crucial skill needed for safe coastal paddling, kayak surfing, and for performing advanced maneuvers. At the end of the day we will paddle into the San Francisco Bay to practice capsize recoveries and learn a few new recovery methods.


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