Bioluminescence Kayaking at Tomales Bay

Bioluminescence Kayaking Tour in Tomales Bay

A special bioluminescent kayak experience near Point Reyes

Have you ever dreamed of kayaking through glowing bioluminescent waters under a moonless, star-lit sky? Imagine every dip of your paddle creating a brilliant light show put on by living organisms beneath the water's surface. Let us make these dreams a reality by joining us for a Bioluminescence Kayak Tour on Tomales Bay! On this night kayak tour you may see fish or seals leaving a glowing trail of light everywhere they swim, or create your own light show in our stable double sea kayaks. This rare spectacle will be an adventure to remember.

The best times to observe the bioluminescence are on certain moonless nights during the spring, summer, and fall. Our trip planners only choose the most optimal nights to view the bioluminescence so your chances of seeing these sparkling organisms is very high. Our experienced kayak guides also know just where to find the most intense bioluminescent clusters in order to get the best light show possible. Since this phenomenon is only visible on a few special times a year and these trips book up quickly, you will want to register very early.


3.5 hours