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Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Bay Area Lessons

At Outback Adventures, we are passionate about paddlesports and we have been teaching paddling since 1999. Due to our roots in paddlesports, we're not just catching the stand up paddleboarding wave, we've been on it all along. When you take a paddleboarding class with Outback Adventures, you can count on getting professionally trained paddleboarding instructors and receiving quality paddleboarding lessons based on proven instruction methods that we developed over a decade ago.

Introduction to Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Have you ever wanted to walk on water? Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is probably the closest you'll get and it's gotta be just as fun. This fast growing activity can be done on flat water, the open ocean, rivers, and of course in the surf! This class will introduce you to the exciting sport of stand up paddleboarding and will inspire you to start paddling on your own. You will learn proper SUP paddling strokes, develop good balance, learn where and how to stand, learn board maneuvering skills, reboarding techniques, equipment choices, and safety concerns. This class will give you a full body workout and of course you'll get plenty of paddling time. If time allows we will try a variety of boards in order for you to better understand the differences between them. This class qualifies you for a $60 credit on a new regular priced paddleboard purchase. The credit must be used within 2 weeks of the class and may not be combined with other offers.

Paddleboard Yoga

Introduction to Paddleboard Yoga

Enhance your yoga practice by performing yoga on a paddleboard. Paddleboard yoga connects you with the natural world and offers a serene meditative environment. This class will have you focusing on your balance and will encourage you to be in the present moment while connecting you to nature. The boards we use are perfect for paddleboard yoga, but on the water expect your regular yoga practice to be bumped up a notch. Our two locations are ideal for paddleboard yoga and offer quiet environments with calm water. This class is designed to get you prepared for the Paddleboard Yoga Session classes.
Duration: 2.5 hours

Paddleboard Yoga Session

Graduates of the Introduction to Paddleboard Yoga class are welcome to join us for regular class sessions where everyone is already up to speed. Since all participants know the basics, this recurring class allows for a more efficient program. Just preregister, show up, grab your gear, and hit the water! It's that easy.
Duration: 1.5 hours

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