Introduction to Rock Climbing Lessons

Introduction to Rock Climbing

A perfect way to learn how to rock climb outdoors - Level 1

This local adventure is designed for those who want to learn how to rock climb outdoors or anyone just looking to experience the thrill of rock climbing. You don't need any previous experience or brute strength to try this adventure. Total beginners, intermediate gym climbers, and those looking for a refresher will all graduate from this course with long lasting skills and memories. Throughout the day you will get expert rock climbing instruction and a lot of climbing time.

This course will give you an exciting introduction to the world of outdoor rock climbing. You will learn about the essential safety equipment that makes roped climbing possible and gain an understanding on how top-rope climbing systems work. We will teach you how to properly belay with a lightweight and versatile passive belay device that is generally not used at indoor climbing gyms. You will also practice tying essential rock climbing knots, learn rock climbing vocabulary and communication, and get introduced to climbing movement techniques.

This experience will not only be an educational one, but one which will satisfy your spirit for adventure. So go for it, and make the next move with Outback Adventures!

Topics Covered

  • Rock climbing safety
  • Essential equipment
  • Top-rope systems
  • Fundamental knots
  • Belaying with a passive device
  • Communication and vocabulary
  • Beginner to intermediate movement skills
  • Lots of climbing time!


6 hours


$135 ?>